Digital – do you want it or do you need it?

Going digital. Digital transformation. Digital evolution. And so on…Digital will be the most popular gift of this festive season. Everyone will want one. Well. Many organisations will want one. Some will have the nagging, awkward sense that they need one. These are two fundamentally different states: wanting to become digital (whatever it may mean) is … Continue reading Digital – do you want it or do you need it?

Keep on keeping on

I have been, for obscure reasons, reviewing a seven year old learning technology strategy document. This is not an artefact of an organisation I have any relationship with, by the way. It is a fascinating and instructive read.  A contemporary reader would, I suspect, have seen this as a progressive and challenging document. It speaks … Continue reading Keep on keeping on

Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

During the course of the last few weeks, I have attended a few conferences and seminars, both as delegate and presenter. They have been interesting and thought provoking events. At each, I have been invited to share and consider best practice. To offer stories about how things have been done well and to consider stories … Continue reading Practice but not (I suspect) perfect