“Don’t impose joy, deliver service”

Not my words, but those of Jacob Nielsen. One of the interesting features of Nielsen’s work is that he has consistently irritated designers over the last twenty years or so, and been entirely right to do so. I first came across him when working on the early days of BBC Online, around the turn of… Continue reading “Don’t impose joy, deliver service”

10L: Robin Hoyle

About Robin Robin is Head of Learning Innovation with Huthwaite International and Chair of the World of Learning Conference. He writes books and articles and makes videos for (among others) Learning Now TV. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to a distant relative.  I help people at work to do things better.… Continue reading 10L: Robin Hoyle

10L: Janet Webb

About Janet I am a Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer and Mentor. I help staff and businesses understand the filters that hinder high performance, whether they’re managing staff, talking to customers, giving difficult messages or delivering a presentation. I’m interested in what influences people to behave the way that they do. I prefer the idiosyncratic… Continue reading 10L: Janet Webb

10L: Niall Gavin

About Niall I have been many things in my life – from fruit-picker, through postman, delivery driver, barman, professional actor, office manager, IT trainer, IT training manager and latterly, Head of Technology Assisted Learning in a global corporate. I’m currently working as a part-time Commercial Learning Consultant for the CIPD and a freelance Accreditation Mentor… Continue reading 10L: Niall Gavin

10L: Nathan Nalla

About Nathan Hi, I’m Nathan Nalla, founder and director of Be The Riot, supporting organisations to create inclusive workplace culture. I was born and raised in Birmingham by a wonderful Jamaican mother. I’m now living and working in London. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to an elderly relative.  I help organisations… Continue reading 10L: Nathan Nalla

10L – Laura Overton

About Laura Laura Overton is an author, facilitator and award-winning learning analyst dedicated to uncovering and sharing effective practices in learning innovation that lead to business value. She is known for leading a 15-year global research programme to uncover and share learning strategies that lead to business success. Laura established #LearningChangemakers and is a co-founder… Continue reading 10L – Laura Overton

Wondering about 2022

Resolutions and predictions are seasonal activities I typically avoid. This year, what with everything, I find myself peering into the coming year a little harder. I find myself hopeful for improvement, anxious about more of the same, and fearful of worse. I sense so much desire for normality and to have things back as they… Continue reading Wondering about 2022

10L: Leonard Houx

About Leonard Leonard has been working in digital learning for over 12 years. He has written about digital learning for the Guardian, FT, E-Learning Age, Association for Learning Technology and Times Higher Education. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a silver medal winner for Best Distance Learning for his work… Continue reading 10L: Leonard Houx

10L: Cathy Hoy

About Cathy Cathy is the CLO at the Learning and Performance Institute.  Her background is in learning and development, with over 20 years working in, and heading up, corporate learning teams. Cathy has led the global learning strategy for numerous organisations across different industries and now oversees all the Learning products and services for the… Continue reading 10L: Cathy Hoy