LinkedIn, the Economic Graph and Skills

I had a very interesting conversation today. One of an increasingly large number, as I tend to my network more purposefully in preparation for leaving my current employment in the new year. (Incidentally, I highly recommend this, if for nothing more than stimulation and intellectual energy). During this conversation, I was introduced to the concept of… Continue reading LinkedIn, the Economic Graph and Skills

Big data, small question

Big data. We all want it and need it I am told. The real problem with large amounts of data (also with small amounts) is knowing what to do with it.  In my search engine days we used to say that we needed good questions to ask from the data. What do we need to do or decide and… Continue reading Big data, small question

Learning, training, control and choice.

[Warning, this post is something of a stream]. “Control is to training as choice is to learning”. This is a fair summary of how I saw the world of L&D on first entry about five or six years ago. Granted, this is an enormously simplified characterisation and I have variously agreed and disagreed with it over those… Continue reading Learning, training, control and choice.

We are still in Kansas after all

Every L&D conference I have attended focuses on change. Mostly, radical change is prescribed.  New tools. New techniques. New technologies. New methods. All the old certainties are bunkum we are told. Adapt or die. Change is the only constant. Etc. Etc. Very often, we foot soldiers are energised and inspired by these events. New ideas… Continue reading We are still in Kansas after all

Technology and storytelling – not the same old story?

Engagement is one of those often used words in the learning technology world. Overused I believe. Often when we talk about engagement we would be better served by ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’. Both are easier to understand and more achievable. When it comes to telling stories though, some form of engagement and emotional response is closer… Continue reading Technology and storytelling – not the same old story?

Seven days to change the world of corporate systems?

In the last seven days I have had seven conversations about enterprise technology. Those systems that run our workplaces. The content of these conversations has been almost entirely gathered around how poor it is. These seven conversations took place in coffee shops, conference rooms, meeting rooms, a bar and one symposium room, no less. They… Continue reading Seven days to change the world of corporate systems?