Developing digital learning capability with MR Digital & Learning - image of 2x4 blue Lego tiles

Developing Digital Learning Capability

Develop your digital learning capability 

Digital learning capabilities are always changing, and what worked in the past is unlikely to work in the future. It takes more than technology and content skills to shape and manage a successful digital learning service. So, what does the right organisation look and feel like?

You need a clear view of the right capabilities – people, skills, resources, tools and culture – and a strong understanding of how you will manage them for sustainable impact.

I can help you with:

  • Developing the right skills for user centred experience design
  • Creating a product lead learning service
  • Developing a data and evidence lead approach
  • Identifying the core capabilities for success
  • Defining key roles and responsibilities
  • Coaching and developing culture, ways of working and leadership styles
Developing digital learning capability with MR Digital & Learning - image of 2x4 blue Lego tiles

Working with Myles

If your business is ready to change and develop its digital learning capability, then get in touch today.

Myles brings a deep understanding of managing learning services together with insight and experience of managing digital products and services beyond the sector.

Experience design development programme

A flexible, blended development experience for L&D teams to sharpen skills and apply new approaches.

The programme covers a range of core themes vital for contemporary learning services.

Facilitated workshop sessions build on curated materials with practical exercises underpinned with expert and peer feedback.

Core modules cover:

  • Experience design principles and practice
  • Client and stakeholder consulting – solving the right problems
  • Reinventing facilitation for the new workplace
  • Designing campaigns for behaviour change

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