Digital learning health check with Myles Runham

Digital Learning Health Check

Checking the vital signs of your digital learning service

The Digital Learning Health Check is a simple and practical framework to help organisations understand the fitness of their digital learning service. Developed over many years and multiple client engagements, it looks beyond technology and content to give a true digital view.

Your review covers

  • User and learning experience
  • Products, technology and tools
  • Business/customer alignment and marketing
  • Data and analytics
  • People and organisation

How it works

Addressing key questions:

Experience design – what does your end user audience really care about? How well do you deliver against these, and how do you know?

Product and technology – are you solving relevant problems for your organisation and for your end users? Can you sustain and develop those solutions?

Business and marketing – how strong are your key stakeholder relationships with customers and what kind of relationship do you have with your audience? 

Data and analytics – how do you consistently apply data and evidence to decision making?

People and organisation – how are you managing experimentation and iteration in your organisation – do you build/measure/learn together?

People and organisation – how are you managing experimentation and iteration in your organisation – do you build/measure/learn together?

What you get

  • Digital Learning Health Check report, including summary of analysis and recommended actions
  • Highlights presentation
  • Workshop session to discuss findings and agree priorities for action

Your digital learning transformation

The Digital Learning Health Check is an ideal place to start your digital transformation plans, with insights on:

  • Digital learning strategy and business fit
  • Learning products, platforms and ecosystem
  • Learning experience review and analysis
  • Digital learning capabilities assessment 
  • Data analysis and reporting review
  • Highlight report of risks and opportunities
  • Prioritisation workshop

Book a Digital Learning Health Check

Many problems are common, but all organisations are unique.

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