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Myles Runham is a valuable partner for organisations trying to make the most of the digital learning world.

Myles Runham is a valuable partner for organisations trying to make the most of the digital learning world.

Myles has has over twenty five years experience in developing and managing digital services, fifteen of those in learning.

MR Digital & Learning Solutions

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Digital Learning Strategy

Set your digital learning strategy with the confidence of over 20 years experience in digital transformation.

Align your technology needs, user insight and business requirements in one clear view of your priorities and plans.

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Learning Technology

The learning technology market is constantly and rapidly changing.

Get an independent and expert view of your current tools and ecosystem along with an objective view of the market to meet your unique needs.

Digital learning health check with Myles Runham

Digital Learning Health Check

An independent, expert view of your organisation’s digital learning delivery and capabilities.

From learning design, through product management, data analytics to how you organise your team, this is a short and focused review of your current situation and priorities.

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Developing Digital Learning Capability

Effective learning services require more than technology and content.

A proven programme of capability development will help set you and your team up for success in key capability areas such as: experience design, problem definition, instruction and implementation and campaign management.

“Myles offers great strategic thinking on professional development and organisational learning, forged from many years working in Digital, across a variety of industries.

He’s part futurologist, part practitioner – providing brilliantly pragmatic output with a keen sense of the art of the possible.”


If you would like to find out more, have a project in mind or would like to explore ideas and opportunities, please use this email address: or book in for a free 30 minute discussion on the Calendly.

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