Helping you take the right decisions to develop your digital learning strategy.

I have been working in and around the web for around twenty years in many roles from research, marketing and product development through to senior leadership in a variety of different sectors.

I spent eight years at the BBC, first as Head of Interactive Learning running education and learning services for school pupils, teachers and parents. This was followed by the  Head of Digital role at the BBC Academy, managing all digital strategy and activity of the professional learning and development functions for staff and the broadcast industry internationally.

Prior to the BBC, I worked at the search engine Ask.com (AKA Ask Jeeves) managing the European business, having held previous roles as Director of Strategy and VP of European Operations.

Over the last three years, I have been applying that experience advising organisations on how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the emerging digital age. Much of this work revolves around the questions arising from digital change in learning: how to design and manage a digital learning service; how to apply principles of user experience and product management to meet new users expectations and how to organise and develop teams to capitalise on these new possibilities.

In the blog I share some of the experience of navigating the waters of digital learning and explore ideas and themes that I think will contribute to a shared understanding of that world and of what we may do next to make the most of it.

Read my LinkedIn profile for more.


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