Digital learning health check with Myles Runham

Digital Learning Health Check

Checking the vital signs of your digital learning service

The Digital Learning Health Check is an independent, expert review and analysis of the most important elements of your digital service.

Your review covers:

  • User and learning experience
  • Products, technology and tools
  • Business/customer alignment and marketing
  • Data & analytics
  • People & organisation

How the Health Check works:

  • User and learning experience – the whole experience
  • Technologies, tools, products, systems and ecosystem
  • Alignment – business and people relevance
  • Effectiveness and impact
  • Data and evidence gathering, analysing and reporting
  • Organisation, capabilities and ways of working

What you get:

  • A report and scorecard of the review findings and recommendations
  • A presentation deck
  • A prioritisation workshop

Your digital learning transformation

The Digital Learning Health Check is an ideal place to start your digital transformation plans, covering:

  • Digital learning strategy and business fit
  • Learning products, platforms and ecosystem
  • Learning experience review and analysis
  • Digital learning capabilities assessment 
  • Data analysis and reporting review
  • Highlight report of risks and opportunities
  • Prioritisation workshop

Digital learning strategy review 

It is a truism of our digital age that “what got us here will not get us to our next destination”. This is as true of learning as any industry, perhaps more so. Recognising where you need to change can be hard amongst the pressures and pace of whatever your business as usual is. Gaining an objective, higher level perspective from the outside is vital to setting your direction and setting your priorities. Answering these questions is a great place to start:

  • How strong are your digital learning foundations – user experience, data and connection
  • How flexible and adaptable are your products and services – are you ready for change?
  • Are you a product management organisation – do you solve the most important problems?
  • Data analysis and reporting – how well can you tell the story of your impact?
  • Capability readiness – do you and your team have the right skills in the right places to take you where you need to go?
  • Business connectedness – how well do you and your customers and stakeholders understand each other?

Learning products, platforms and ecosystem review

Understanding where you are now is a critical step in setting your direction. This review will help you set that direction with objective and evidence based analysis. It will apply an experienced and objective view on your product and platform strategy, how it is working and set out clear and recommendations and plans. 

  • Stakeholder review and analysis – how does your service meet business objectives?
  • Performance analysis and metrics review – what does the data say?
  • User and learner experience review and analysis – what is the learner view?
  • Content strategy evaluation – how well is it working? Is there a strong editorial voice? 
  • Development recommendations and planning – creating a roadmap

User and learning experience review and analysis

This is so often the heart of the matter for learning teams, whether vendors or clients. It can be difficult to take a step back for an objective view. This service applies the learning experience framework to understand the end to end experience, focusing on impact measures.  Key questions addressed in developing recommendations:

  • How well do your audience know and understand what you offer?
  • Can they easily navigate and select what they need?
  • Does the learning experience work for their needs?
  • What does your data tell you about effectiveness and impact?
  • What is your stakeholders and customer understanding of the experience?

Digital learning capability review

Traditional learning and development skills and competencies are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing business trends and user needs. Expectations are rising continuously and the pressure is on to offer a relevant and effective learning services. Using the seven characteristics of digital learning teams, this review assesses your readiness to respond to evolving circumstances and shows you where to work with your teams to build capability.

  • Product management approaches – solving the right problems
  • Consulting and business partnerships – understanding the business
  • Design – in all its guises
  • Data and analytics
  • Marketing, communications and distribution
  • Content and editorial 
  • Social and collaboration
  • Partnerships, suppliers and resources

Many problems are common, but all organisations are unique. Get in touch to discuss how these services can help or to discuss a bespoke approach to fit your needs.

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