10L aims to take a different view of developments and issues in the world of digital learning. There is no shortage of news and bulletins about technologies, tools and approaches. There is no dearth of points of view on those matters either. There is, I believe, an opportunity to consider what all this means for people and their work and to take a look at wider themes that make the world of digital learning what it is and what it might become. That’s what 10L is for: a modest space for thought.

The 10L Interview

The 10L Interview will a snapshot of insights and views on the current state of the learning profession. It captures what experts find most useful, how they see their work, who they admire – even mistakes they have made, all in a simple 10 question format. Read previous interviews here.

The 10L newsletter

The 10L Newsletter extends those ideas and personal insights a little further to include links to thought provoking news with commentary and hopefully, insight. It will make you think (not too hard) and raise an eyebrow (not too far). It will come out every two weeks or so to nourish your inbox. 

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