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The 10L Newsletter offers food for your digital learning thoughts. A simple way to keep up to date with important themes under the broad ‘digital learning’ umbrella. It is intended to be both interesting and useful, giving you something to think about and consider, as well as a few intriguing links.

It is not a learning technology newsletter or an L&D one. There are plenty of excellent examples of those already.

10L aims to offer something to chew on, whilst keeping you in touch with blog posts and interviews as well. If this seems like an attractive idea to you, sign up below. (No spam, nothing but the newsletter).

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The 10L Interview

The 10L Interview will a snapshot of insights and views on the current state of the learning profession. It captures what experts find most useful, how they see their work, who they admire – even mistakes they have made, all in a simple 10 question format.

Read previous interviews here.

10L: Giles Hearn

About Giles Giles says: “I’ve done those online tests and I’m bang-down-the-middle left-brained/right-brained. This means I’ve brought both technical and creative abilities to everything I’ve ever done, which is mostly a blessing. So I’ve done marketing, pre-sales, design, software development, customer support, UX & UI, data analysis, graphics, art, photography,…

10L: Tom Baragwanath

About Tom Tom is the Global Head of Content at 360 Learning and the Founder and Host of the L&D Plus podcast. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to an elderly relative.  I lead content for 360Learning, the collaborative learning platform. We are to traditional workplace learning…

10L: Robin Hoyle

About Robin Robin is Head of Learning Innovation with Huthwaite International and Chair of the World of Learning Conference. He writes books and articles and makes videos for (among others) Learning Now TV. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to a distant relative.  I help people at…

10L: Janet Webb

About Janet I am a Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer and Mentor. I help staff and businesses understand the filters that hinder high performance, whether they’re managing staff, talking to customers, giving difficult messages or delivering a presentation. I’m interested in what influences people to behave the way that they…

10L: Niall Gavin

About Niall I have been many things in my life – from fruit-picker, through postman, delivery driver, barman, professional actor, office manager, IT trainer, IT training manager and latterly, Head of Technology Assisted Learning in a global corporate. I’m currently working as a part-time Commercial Learning Consultant for the CIPD…