Digital Learning Product Review and Strategy

The BP Learning Innovation team is a well established operation at the forefront of digital learning within BP and beyond. They have created a rich and varied product set which has pushed the boundaries of traditional learning technology implementation and brought fresh digital thinking to life. In a large, complex and always changing organisation, however, the time was right to conduct an independent review of the product portfolio and recommend priorities to explore in further development plans.

At the heart of the work was the creation of a model for the ‘digital learning cycle’ from a user perspective and the use of this model to assess the effectiveness of the product portfolio. With user experience and user needs at the heart of the analysis, I worked with the team to identify areas of ecosystem development that would create the greatest value for learners. These recommendations ranged from content discovery and navigation, through content recommendation, the learning experience itself and the gathering and use of data. Woven through the project was a clear strand of digital product management and related ways of working, bringing the work to life in the product roadmap. Underpinning the planning for implementation is the need for a new set of capabilities as digital learning teams evolve.

This, over time, has led to a wide ranging product strategy development project. The wider scope takes account of the systems, processes, content and tools that surround learning products. The focus is on a clear articulation of product vision and a sound set of principles to design and manage the portfolio with. This allows the team to continue their innovation focus with a practical guide to the context those innovations need to work in. Again, the foundation of this work is to analyse, critique and design from the user perspective and focus on user value.