The 10L Interview

The 10L interview is a swift snapshot of insights and views on the current state of the learning profession: what experts find most useful, how they see their work, who they admire – even mistakes they have made. And, of course, the impact of COVID. 10L interviews are posted as blogs (roughly) weekly. Previous contributors are listed below.

10L Contributors

David James – 5/2/21 – Motor maintenance, learning form digital marketing, sticking to organisation priorities and Steve Jobs.

Toby Harris – 11/2/21 – Learning to drive, the (overlooked) value of email, Rene Descartes and learning a language silently.

Joan Keevill – 18/2/21 – Earning a Masters Degree, being more generous to others, Matthew Syed and the tricky art of delegation.

Guy Wallace – 25/2/21 – Being agile in the 80s, the value of TQM and why you should always have a Performance Model Chart with you.

John Helmer – 04/3/21 – Marketing might not always be the answer, from punk rock guitar to Quincy Jones and L&D’s obsession with making up names.

Sukh Pabial – 11/3/21 – The value of strategic thinking, Brene Brown and warning against false experts in the L&D world.

Ross Garner – 18/3/21 – Why social science is valuable, remote working reducing silos and less of the negativity thanks L&D.

Cheryl Clemons – 25/3/21 – Less of the hating here too please, more Leonard Cohen and the benefits of extended collaboration despite remoteness.

Mark Berthelemy – 1/4/21 – The value of the space and permission to learn, also plumbing tape and placing criticism with care.

Mark Britz – 15/4/21 – Social design, doing things with people, marketing as social science in action and fixing old snow blowers.

Ross Stevenson – 29/4/21 – Building your own PC, the benefit of unexpected shared experiences and working with Marcus Aurelius.

Nigel Paine – 6/5/21 – Transformation on the Arctic seas, L&D still stuck in order taking and talking to Wittgenstein about work.

Georgia Rooney – 12/5/21 – The possibilities and opportunities of drama in learning, the lessons of the football referee and the dangers of a poor brief.

Carl Hodler – 20/5/21 – Kandinsky’s point and line theory, L&D as the best industry to work in and failing fast and often.

Michelle Parry Slater – 27/5/21 – Learning from parenthood, the need for real evidence in L&D and laughing with Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg.

David Hayden – 3/6/21 – Enough with the happy sheets – please, missing the serendipity of the coffee queue and the wisdom of measuring twice and cutting once.

Hannah Gore – 11/6/21 – L&D should own it’s power, it should also adopt the language of the business and industry it finds itself in and be more Eddie Izzard in all manner of ways.

Nick Ribeiro – 15/7/21 – Lessons from parenting are not just for parents, be more business analyst and study the genius of Steve Gadd.

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