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Digital Learning Product Strategy: Building on Navigation, Exploration and Discovery

ASOS is a rapidly growing business, with a young and diverse workforce in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

This digital workforce, in a digital industry, has an urgent and constant demand for new skills and approaches and fresh ways of working. Unsurprisingly, the business has deliberately steered a fresh course for their learning plans, recognising that a traditional approach will not resonate with ASOSers. One size will not fit all. 

Rather than drawing all of their resources and services into one system, the People Experience team decided to adopt a best of breed approach; adopting the right tool for each need, supporting the agility required.

The puzzle to solve in this environment is raising awareness of everything available and allowing simple and quick navigation, exploration and discovery of all content. All of this needed to be achieved in a matter of weeks whilst allowing long term goals to be pursued after the first release.

A new approach to managing the digital learning experience was needed.

We created the following steps to steer this work: 

  • Establishing the “Three P’s” of the digital strategy – Purpose (vision and ambition), Principles (the guidelines and rules for development)  and Personas (user needs and motivations)
  • Supporting the introduction of digital product management principles and practices in the L&D team
  • Developing and planning a product roadmap, setting the longer term goal for the service
  • Managing user research to ensure direct insights inform plans quickly

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