Look me in the eye and say that

I noticed something about the remote work lifestyle this week. Yes. I know, I have been at this for 9 months or so and only just clocked it. Not claiming novelty – just keen to share.

I have not looked someone in the eye at work since late March. That’s a long time and I think it matters. I look at their faces on the screen. I look at their eyes but not into their eyes. They are not looking back. Or, not at my eyes. They look to the left of me, right of me or just straight past me. That’s how I look at them too. Just a little but past them.

People with two monitors (you know the type) seem to look out of the window. I want eye contact.

We have great conversations and satisfyingly meaningless ones too. It seems that we are communicating just fine. Work gets discussed decisions are made and we progress.

I just want to look people in the eye. I miss it. Human animals are not meant to do this.

This to say nothing of constantly looking at myself. Yes. You too. I know. Much less satisfying than a selfie though.

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