The first of the new days

A brief update bulletin today.

As of yesterday, I ceased an eight year period of employment with the BBC. The BBC Academy, of which I was Head of Digital, has moved to its new home in Birmingham and for a variety of reasons, I am not able to join my colleagues there. For the record (and despite what much of the less independent media will have you believe) the BBC is a remarkable place. It is full of extremely bright people with an unusual dedication to the mission of the institution. Somehow, it manages to balance the competing priorities of all the constituent parts and produce some truly excellent services.  It also manages to balance creativity, individualism, and a real sense of quality with the demands of an always on service whose audience are, rightly, highly demanding of it.

So…a new story starts today as I undertake my first steps as an independent consultant in digital learning matters (those interested in my services can apply here). I have some new clients to work with and some very interesting projects in the mix. More of these as they take shape and I am in a position to share how they are going and what I am learning from them.

In the meantime though, I am grateful to Auntie (honestly). Like any large corporation with a long history, the BBC can be infuriating to grapple with at times. In those grapplings I have learned a great deal however and met some fine grapplers along the way. I am hopeful that the fascination with new endeavours and an expectation to learn from and to teach others continues to meet me.

And yes, I am fully aware of the date…

4 responses to “The first of the new days”

  1. Enjoy the new adventure Myles! When we inevitably bump in to one another at an event you’ll have to let me know how it’s all going and what you’re up to.

  2. Enjoy the new adventure Myles! When we inevitably bump in to one at another event you’ll have to give me the low down on how it’s all going and what you’re up to.

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