Some items learned in the last week

This is likely to be something of a brain dump, yet I shall proceed. It feels like a week where I understand and know some things that I might not have done as it started or have been reminded of some others overlooked for a while. So, in no particular order:

  • Don’t take feedback personally, it is as likely to be about the situation, the timing and the understanding of the giver as it is about you
  • Don’t duck feedback that is about you – we have things to learn and most feedback is not about your personality and your personal value
  • Spend time and effort where there is some warmth and signs of enthusiasm. Horse to water and all that…
  • Do not assume that anyone (and I mean anyone) understands what you mean by “digital” – it always needs qualification and context
  • However, treat IT & IS teams (with capitals) with caution when they talk about “digital” – ask them what they mean by it
  • Microsoft tools are improving very quickly. Do not discount them. Teams looks like a genuine contender as as a collaboration and communication product.
  • I still don’t understand Workday Learning
  • Platforms for learning to code are amongst the best digital learning systems available. Discuss.
  • The walk from security to the departure gate at Schipol airport can be as long as 16 minutes
  • Just ask. Be polite and as clear as you can and ask. It will be fine (almost) all of the time

There are probably more but those are the ones I can most easily recall.

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