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Digital Learning Standards Forum: Registration Form

Standards are a hallmark of a mature industry. One where barriers are recognised and removed for the collective good and clarity is sought in the interest of common understanding. L&D has a strong heritage of working together to solve common industry problems. As the digital world increases complexity and speed of change, we want to help clarify and simplify how we use our tools and resources. There are more common problems than unique ones, and working together we can start to smooth the path for all.

The Digital Learning Standards Forum aims to help define and agree standards and benchmarks which can help practitioners, vendors and customer organisations focus on what is most valuable. We want to reduce the effort of inconsistency and duplication and increase efficiency and efficacy. Our broad principles are: “Simple, clear and open”.

Summaries of purpose and progress so far are here and here.

Sign up below to join the Forum to help shape how we can work together and keep in touch with developments.


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