10L: Viv Cole

About Viv Viv is an experienced coach, consultant and learning designer and consultant. He is constantly curious about what makes different people and organisations tick. A former Training Manager at Deloitte, in the days when it was called training, Viv has surfed the wave of learning blends becoming ever more digital. He has freelanced for … Continue reading 10L: Viv Cole

Introducing the 10L newsletter

A while ago (quite a while for subscribers who have experienced the delay) I decided to start a newsletter covering what I see as the most interesting themes of the work I do (making the most of digital learning). Beyond the self-interest of keeping people in touch with my efforts, I believe the industry misses … Continue reading Introducing the 10L newsletter

10L: Michael Strawbridge

About Michael: Michael has worked in Learning and Development for over 20 years although he originally trained as an actor, working in London’s West End. During this time acting he became interested in the world of learning and performance in the business community and as a result made the decision to change direction by joining the … Continue reading 10L: Michael Strawbridge

Content still rules digital learning – $1.5bn worth of it.

An unfolding consequence of COVID and our shift in working patterns is the amount of investment in various businesses aimed at supporting digital learning. Or rather, businesses aimed at supporting the delivery of what we tend to call learning – elearning content. There is plenty of growth out there if private equity fund investors are … Continue reading Content still rules digital learning – $1.5bn worth of it.

Another conversation about product management for learning

On Thursday the 8th of July, we hosted a second conversation about product management for learning. Our previous event (summarised here) focused on what we mean by product management and why it is vital for success in the learning world. This time we delved a little further into the characteristics and capabilities of the role … Continue reading Another conversation about product management for learning

Skills and capabilities for learning product management: A conversation

The event On Thursday 8th July we’ll be hosting a conversation on the skills and capabilities needed to develop and run digital products for learning. This follows a previous event, during which we discussed broader themes of product management for learning and why it’s time to bring these approaches into our practice. How to organise, … Continue reading Skills and capabilities for learning product management: A conversation

10L: Hannah Gore

About Hannah: After over 20 years in learning and development, Dr Hannah Gore undertakes freelance consultancy in a wide range of L&D specialisms, is an Associate Lecturer teaching at MBA level,  serves as a Director for the eLearning Network, an Online Executive Panel Member for McKinsey and inputs into various think tanks on emerging technologies … Continue reading 10L: Hannah Gore

10L: David Hayden

10L: A few simple questions about how leading professionals see their work. About David David is the Digital Learning Portfolio Manager for Learning and Development, Organisation Design and Organisation Development in the CIPD Learning Team He says: “I am a fan of learning, and learning more about learning. So the fact I am in a … Continue reading 10L: David Hayden

That product management conversation

When we decided to host a conversation about product management in learning, we were unsure whether people would join us and if we would have much to say to each other. So, it was gratifying to be joined by a smart, curious, experienced and voluble group last week. It was a busy chat and my … Continue reading That product management conversation

10L: Michelle Parry Slater

10L: A few simple questions about how leading professionals see their work. About Michelle: Michelle is an excitable L&Der curious about Organisation Development, strategic consultancy, workplace learning & learning delivery. She has a keen interest in creating effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable learning solutions which are the right solution, for the right problem, for the right … Continue reading 10L: Michelle Parry Slater