10L – Laura Overton

About Laura Laura Overton is an author, facilitator and award-winning learning analyst dedicated to uncovering and sharing effective practices in learning innovation that lead to business value. She is known for leading a 15-year global research programme to uncover and share learning strategies that lead to business success. Laura established #LearningChangemakers and is a co-founder… Continue reading 10L – Laura Overton

Sharing the best experiences

Back in 1998, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore wrote an influential article in the Harvard Business Review: “Welcome To The Experience Economy“. Amongst many useful observations from their research, they stated that “We expect that experience design will become as much a businessart as product design and process design are today.” Twenty three years later,… Continue reading Sharing the best experiences

Boom times for elearning

I was struck by this extensive summary of market data about the growth of learning technologies. Pretty much every indicator is showing significant growth across education and corporate learning segments. Close to two years in on our COVID experience, this is not much of a surprise, I suppose. It has taken the forced closure of… Continue reading Boom times for elearning

10L: Carl Crisostomo

About Carl: “A few years ago, I had a “lightbulb” moment. I saw first-hand the impact that learning had on someone’s life. This sparked my curiosity in the science of learning and helped me re-evaluate my career. I started Carl Learns to help L&D teams, Instructional Designers and online course creators be more effective by… Continue reading 10L: Carl Crisostomo

Learning, design and product: a conversation

On the 22nd of September, at 11.00 am, we are hosting a conversation about applying design to the development and management of products for learning. In this series of conversations, we have discussed product management and the crucial capabilities for a learning team. Design has been a thread throughout, hence the choice of topic for… Continue reading Learning, design and product: a conversation

Stakeholders need transforming as much as digital does

I discovered this partly drafted post whilst looking for something today. It was started in late 2017. At that time digital transformation was the priority for organisations and was a source of great anxiety in the learning world (this does have a familiar ring to it). What with the pandemic and all, I think the… Continue reading Stakeholders need transforming as much as digital does

Introducing the 10L newsletter

A while ago (quite a while for subscribers who have experienced the delay) I decided to start a newsletter covering what I see as the most interesting themes of the work I do (making the most of digital learning). Beyond the self-interest of keeping people in touch with my efforts, I believe the industry misses… Continue reading Introducing the 10L newsletter

Another conversation about product management for learning

On Thursday the 8th of July, we hosted a second conversation about product management for learning. Our previous event (summarised here) focused on what we mean by product management and why it is vital for success in the learning world. This time we delved a little further into the characteristics and capabilities of the role… Continue reading Another conversation about product management for learning

Skills and capabilities for learning product management: A conversation

The event On Thursday 8th July we’ll be hosting a conversation on the skills and capabilities needed to develop and run digital products for learning. This follows a previous event, during which we discussed broader themes of product management for learning and why it’s time to bring these approaches into our practice. How to organise,… Continue reading Skills and capabilities for learning product management: A conversation

10L: Michelle Parry Slater

10L: A few simple questions about how leading professionals see their work. About Michelle: Michelle is an excitable L&Der curious about Organisation Development, strategic consultancy, workplace learning & learning delivery. She has a keen interest in creating effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable learning solutions which are the right solution, for the right problem, for the right… Continue reading 10L: Michelle Parry Slater