Developing a product mindset for L&D: A conversation

The event

On Wednesday 26th May we’ll be hosting an open conversation about developing a product mindset in learning. In the digital world, the Product Management discipline has become a cohesive force for change. In learning and development, the value and opportunity of product management behaviours is beginning to be better understood. Whilst the idea that ‘digital has changed everything’ has become something of a cliché, the people and roles behind those changes offer valuable insights for our work.

We were thinking about billing this as a webinar. In our view, there are as many applications of product management techniques as there are people and products, so we feel a conversation about the principles and culture of product management and how these can add value to L&D teams and leaders is more useful. We’ll share ideas and approaches which we’ve seen work well – as well as some missteps. We’d love to hear your experiences, challenges and how these themes might apply in your context, hence the conversation.

What we will cover

  • The need for change – learning organisations under pressure
  • Changing our mindset and values – new ways of thinking and organising
  • The product management opportunity
  • The essential characteristics of a product manager
  • The characteristics of a product centred learning organisation
The three insights of a product manager
Three types of insight create product value


  • Wednesday the 26th of May at 11.00 am (UK time) to 11.45 am

Sign Up

Register for the event here.

About your hosts

Myles Runham is an experience leader in the learning world across a range of digital organisations and roles. His career spans the search engine business with Ask Jeeves, various education services and five years as the Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. As a consultant to L&D teams and leadership in the last five years, he has developed a specialism in the application of digital ways of working to the learning world.

Roy Kee Son is a highly experienced product manager and leader with a wide-ranging background from news publishing, through corporate intranet development and implementation of corporate shared services products. In the last seven years or so he has specialised in applying that experience to L&D services in a range of corporate environments, including BP, GSK and the BBC.


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