Learning, design and product: a conversation

On the 22nd of September, at 11.00 am, we are hosting a conversation about applying design to the development and management of products for learning. In this series of conversations, we have discussed product management and the crucial capabilities for a learning team. Design has been a thread throughout, hence the choice of topic for this conversation. It is a vital part of our everyday work and yet can be elusive and hard to get right. We will talk about what design is really for and how various elements of design can fit together. We will also talk about design beyond ‘learning’. Tui Media will be joining us to share their experience of working with L&D teams as digital design specialists –  a view from ‘the outside’. As always, you will also hear from each other about what works best in your experience. 

You can read about our previous sessions on learning products and capabilities to get a sense of how the design theme emerged. 


  • Wednesday the 22nd of September at 11.00 am (UK)

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About your hosts:

Myles Runham is an experienced leader in the learning world across a range of digital organisations and roles. His career spans the search engine business with Ask Jeeves, various education services and five years as the Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. As a consultant to L&D teams and leadership in the last five years, he has developed a specialism in the application of digital ways of working to the learning world.

Roy Kee Son is a highly experienced product manager and leader with a wide-ranging background from news publishing, through organisation intranet development and implementation of corporate shared services products. In the last seven years or so he has specialised in applying that experience to L&D services in a range of corporate environments, including BP, GSK and the BBC.

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Learning, design and product:

A conversation

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