Managing products for learning: stories from the coalface

On Thursday 10th March at 11am (UK) we are hosting a conversation about the messy and complicated reality of managing products for learning. In the recognition that genuine Best Practice is hard to come by, we will be sharing lessons learned from the challenges and barriers confronted in the real world of the work place. How can we remain focused on product value when the odds seem stacked against us? How can we steer decision makers towards user focused insight?

From conversation amongst ourselves, three themes have emerged:

  • Bullshit and bullshitters: how to respond when people in authority sound impressive but are actually some distance from a valuable suggestion?
  • Barriers and blockages: what to do when the organisation seems to be actively thwarting the right approach?
  • “You say it, but do you mean it?”: use of buzzwords and fashionable vernacular can hide a traditional culture. How do you manage progress amongst the agile theatre?

Those are only our ideas, and we are keen to hear your stories and how you have responded to the real challenges you face. Progress is never made in a straight line, but it can be made. That is our hope and belief. 

This is a free event. You can read about previous sessions on design and product management capabilities as a taster.


  • Thursday the 10th of March at 11.00 am (UK)

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About your hosts

Myles Runham is an experienced leader in the learning world across a range of digital organisations and roles. His career spans the search engine business with Ask Jeeves, various education services and five years as the Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. As a consultant to L&D teams and leadership in the last five years, he has developed a specialism in the application of digital ways of working to the learning world.

Roy Kee Son is a highly experienced product manager and leader with a wide-ranging background from news publishing, through organisation intranet development and implementation of corporate shared services products. In the last seven years or so he has specialised in applying that experience to L&D services in a range of corporate environments, including BP, GSK and the BBC.

Privacy note: Only the information needed to run the event is gathered. It will only be used to contact you about similar events and services in the future. You can review the privacy statement here.

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