Skills and capabilities for learning product management: A conversation

The event

On Thursday 8th July we’ll be hosting a conversation on the skills and capabilities needed to develop and run digital products for learning. This follows a previous event, during which we discussed broader themes of product management for learning and why it’s time to bring these approaches into our practice. How to organise, develop and resource a product-centre team was an area of particular interest so we’re returning to spend more time delving into that topic.

In our view, there are as many ways of arranging and developing the skills and capabilities of a learning product organisation as there are organisations. There are, however, common characteristics, key skills and sets of expertise to bring to bear. We’ll share ideas and approaches which we’ve seen work well – as well as some missteps and misconceptions. 

This is an emerging area, shaped by experience – we want to hear yours too and your challenges and how these themes might apply in your context, hence the continuing conversation.

What we will cover

  • The seven characteristics of a learning product organisation
  • The skills and capabilities of a learning product organisation
  • What does a product manager look like?
  • How to define core skills and capabilities in your context
  • Organising your efforts – skills, knowledge and ways of working


  • Thursday July 8th at 11am to 12pm (UK time)

Sign up

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About your hosts

Myles Runham is an experienced leader in the learning world across a range of digital organisations and roles. His career spans the search engine business with Ask Jeeves, various education services and five years as the Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. As a consultant to L&D teams and leadership in the last five years, he has developed a specialism in the application of digital ways of working to the learning world.

Roy Kee Son is a highly experienced product manager and leader with a wide-ranging background from news publishing, through organisation intranet development and implementation of corporate shared services products. In the last seven years or so he has specialised in applying that experience to L&D services in a range of corporate environments, including BP, GSK and the BBC.

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