(Learning) Live, direct and in the room

This post is a quick bag of thoughts from my Learning Live experience over the last couple of days. These pull a little harder on the thread I posted about earlier in the week. There are many thoughts brewing and merging, which I will share in the next edition of the 10L newsletter, sign up for that here to avoid that FoMo.

I will sneak one further thought in by way of thanks to the LPI team for hosting and organising, in particular to Pauline Saunders for making everything so easy for me. Making things easy for other people is an undervalued skill, I believe.

And so, to my sketched thoughts. In the spirit of shorthand expression, I will revert to bullet points.

  • What is going on with COVID is causing deeper and more fundamental changes than those we can see or articulate
  • When we say “learning” we, reflexively, mean delivery
  • The digital change of the last 18 months is largely a change in instruction
  • The acceleration of digital change in L&D has caused the growth in delivery of virtual classrooms, I don’t know if it has caused an increase in demand for them
  • Digital product management approaches give us the opportunity to focus on solving important problems
  • There is a significant focus on solving the problem of classroom delivery – from room, to virtual room to hybrid rooms
  • Remove the certainty of classrooms (of any kind) and L&D is searching out what it is for
  • There are plenty of smaller stories of explorations, experiments, data and conversation showing new possible routes for helping people learn
  • These stories will not win awards, and yet they indicate our future
  • Data is (still) the foundation of any answer
  • Using data effectively should not be underestimated in terms of opportunity or ease
  • Classrooms are data free
  • There is no such thing as learning technology
  • Customers are starting to genuinely explore beyond traditional services, this is overestimated in the short term and underplayed in the long term
  • Talking to people about what they are interested in, worried about and hopeful for over two days was great

Now, these are bullet points and simplifications to be explored further. They are a list of my thoughts less than 24 hours after the event. Learning Live is one data point, I realise. It is though quite a substantial one. I will return to these themes in the next newsletter. If that is your kind of content then drop your email in below.

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