Learning Technologies 22 – a not so hot take

“It’s like the last two years never happened”. Anon: LT 22 attendee That is the most memorable quote from my conversations yesterday at the Learning Technologies 2022 Exhibition. (I was not at the conference but my, equally unscientific, polling suggests that it was a valuable two days). There are two ways to take that comment,… Continue reading Learning Technologies 22 – a not so hot take

Six years in and what do I know?

By an accident of timing, the anniversary of starting my consulting business coincides with the tax year. Early April tends to inspire a little self reflection. Last year, these were the thoughts brought to mind. This past year has been spent mostly on helping organisations consider how and if to go about digital learning initiatives.… Continue reading Six years in and what do I know?

A theory about learning technology

Here is a theory about how technologies for learning are handled in organisations. Organisations buy Technology Systems Learning teams need products to help people learn Users want tools to help them at work Admittedly, this theory needs some evidential rigour to test it and refine it. It is based on generalisations from my own experience… Continue reading A theory about learning technology

Boom times for elearning

I was struck by this extensive summary of market data about the growth of learning technologies. Pretty much every indicator is showing significant growth across education and corporate learning segments. Close to two years in on our COVID experience, this is not much of a surprise, I suppose. It has taken the forced closure of… Continue reading Boom times for elearning

The new TikTok for learning is, erm, TikTok…

Yes. That is quite a click baity title. To avoid thrashing around in sound bites and misunderstandings, I will open by stating what this post is not about: The next big thing for learning. TikTok is the current big thing for almost anything you can think of and is well used for many learning applications… Continue reading The new TikTok for learning is, erm, TikTok…

Learning in a metaverse

I will open by declaring two positions. Firstly, I believe that the metaverse idea is very interesting. I am uncertain how it might unfold, of course, but there is value in many of the ideas that we are yet to really see. Secondly, I am deeply annoyed by Zuckerberg hijacking the idea to satisfy the… Continue reading Learning in a metaverse

Is L&D really changing or just innovating the ordinary?

This is a revisited post. Or, reused for a fresh context. I first wrote this as preparatory thinking exercise in advance of the Learning Technologies exhibition in 2020. I bumped into it again as part of a curated learning experience. (This, I think, is a compliment). As we conjure with covid, I think it has… Continue reading Is L&D really changing or just innovating the ordinary?

We’re all digital now, yes?

So, one is visiting Learning Live over the coming two days. What is always an energising and interesting event will be layered with additional anticipation as we proceed through our COVID world. Being in the same space with that many people will be interesting in itself. I think we are all hoping for more than… Continue reading We’re all digital now, yes?

Content still rules digital learning – $1.5bn worth of it.

An unfolding consequence of COVID and our shift in working patterns is the amount of investment in various businesses aimed at supporting digital learning. Or rather, businesses aimed at supporting the delivery of what we tend to call learning – elearning content. There is plenty of growth out there if private equity fund investors are… Continue reading Content still rules digital learning – $1.5bn worth of it.