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Beyond learning tech: a conversation about tools for behaviour change

Techniques to encourage behaviour change have become commonplace in many areas of public life. It is the territory of public policy, marketing and many forms of design. The science of behaviour change is becoming increasingly influential as a result. Many successful products and services are built on these principles. Learning and Development shares a foundation in designing for people and to support changes in how we work (one class of behaviour). Shaping habits is one shared and central goal.

What can we, as learning professionals, take from behavioural science? Which tools should we use to bring behaviour change into our design objectives?

What is the conversation about?

In this, open, session we are joined by a behavioural science expert, Mike Kibblewhite, to cover:

  • Why behavioural science is important for learning and development
  • The shared foundation of both disciplines
  • The eight drivers of behaviour and what L&D can take from these
  • Core characteristics of habit forming tools
  • How ready are we for shaping workplace habits?

This will be a conversational session (not too many slides and plenty of opportunity to ask questions, offer perspectives and share ideas), we aim to explore valuable ideas and experiences. As always, we want to hear from you about these themes and what you make of them.  They are emerging developments and practice is in its early stages. We all have much to learn.


Thursday July 22nd at 12.00 to 1pm (UK time)

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About your hosts

Myles Runham is an experienced leader in the learning world across a range of digital organisations and roles. His career spans the search engine business with Ask Jeeves, various education services and five years as the Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. As a consultant to L&D teams and businesses, he has developed a specialism in the application of digital ways of working to the learning world.

Mike Kibblewhite has deep experience as a learning experience designer and product manager. He is a postgraduate student of behaviour science and is exploring how these principles can be applied to his role at BP as Learning Lead (Design and Sustainability) and the management and development of the tools and products colleagues use to learn. 

Roy Kee Son is a highly experienced product manager and leader with a wide-ranging background from news publishing, through corporate intranet development and implementation of corporate shared services products. In the last seven years or so he has specialised in applying that experience to L&D services in a range of corporate environments, including BP, GSK and the BBC.

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