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  • Bubbles, filters, fakery and social limits

    I need some help. This filter bubble idea is really eating away at me. The promise of open and direct communication with everyone or anyone at any moment gripped me with some excitement for many years. Having worked in digital advertising and in broadcasting for large portions of my professional life, I found the revolution […]

  • A digital echo of a missing friend

    I have paused my work to record a moment of my social media day. It’s one of those moments where technology, data (or the lack of it) and commercial imperatives combine to create an unintended jarring moment. Over a desk picnic, I was endorsing friends and colleagues on LinkedIn. I am happy to do this and […]

  • Who am I? Where am I? – Is social media confusing?

    I have been away from the blog for a while and feel I need to earn my seat with some existential offerings. Everything is changing. Everything. It makes me wonder. (And continued thanks to Julian Stodd for provoking these thoughts).  So… Not so long ago, well not too long ago, my digital identity resided in a […]