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  • 10L: Giles Hearn

    10L: Giles Hearn

    About Giles Giles says: “I’ve done those online tests and I’m bang-down-the-middle left-brained/right-brained. This means I’ve brought both technical and creative abilities to everything I’ve ever done, which is mostly a blessing. So I’ve done marketing, pre-sales, design, software development, customer support, UX & UI, data analysis, graphics, art, photography, video production, music production, voiceovers, […]

  • Six years in and what do I know?

    Six years in and what do I know?

    By an accident of timing, the anniversary of starting my consulting business coincides with the tax year. Early April tends to inspire a little self reflection. Last year, these were the thoughts brought to mind. This past year has been spent mostly on helping organisations consider how and if to go about digital learning initiatives. […]

  • 10L: Krystyna Gadd

    About Krystyna Hi I am Krystyna Gadd, founder of How to Accelerate Learning, Creator of the Learning Loop and Author of “How Not To Waste Your Money on Training”. I cannot believe I have been in the field of learning and development for over 30 years, especially considering I also had a career in engineering […]

  • Time to move beyond digital learning 1.0 and the virtual classroom?

    Ben Thompson is smarter than I. This is made clear to me with almost every post he writes. The good thing is that the ideas he shares tend to jump my thinking forwards. In this piece, about the development of Social Media 2.0, a chord struck in my head about why L&D is stuck in […]

  • Pivoting to digital might not solve the problem

    In February of 2011, News Corp launched, with some fanfare, The Daily. You are forgiven for missing this. It had a brief trajectory before coming to earth with something of a dull thud. It was an iPad inspired news app. Rupert Murdoch was greatly enthused by the arrival of the iPad and the possibilities it […]

  • Enough with all the learnification. Would it help if we stopped talking about learning in L&D?

    Does removing the word “learning” from discussion make it easier to understand what L&D is about?

  • Learning is not being disrupted (it’s the reverse of that)

    (So, it turns out that this is a little ranty, perhaps. This post may overstate some points as I rehearse them. Apologies if that’s a problem but I find that it is a useful way to figure things out). One of our great problems in the L&D world is that we often care more about […]

  • Can L&D solve problems without using the C word (and the P word)?

    If we don’t say ‘course’ or ‘programme’ can we say anything at all?

  • Bubbles, filters, fakery and social limits

    I need some help. This filter bubble idea is really eating away at me. The promise of open and direct communication with everyone or anyone at any moment gripped me with some excitement for many years. Having worked in digital advertising and in broadcasting for large portions of my professional life, I found the revolution […]

  • Learning on the web – Can it be as simple as that?

    I was reminded of one of my early exchanges of views on arrival in the BBC this week. I was curious about the deliberation of the commissioning process and about the edifice that was being created under the learning banner. Coming, as I had, from the rapid fire and restless world of search, this all […]