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  • Making a start on digitalness – digital behaviours are simple but hard

    Slightly warily, I am considering a series of posts on one theme. The theme is ‘making a start on digitalness’. I am wary because I have started this kind of project before and lost momentum. I am considering another attempt for this topic. In drafting this idea as one post I became lost in notes […]

  • Sticky is (still) a good thing

    The phrase “sticky website” feels like something of a throwback to me. I remember first hearing the phrase and debating it as a product objective when I worked in the search industry. At the time Ask Jeeves (yes, I am that old) was popular and well used but not habitually used. Search was and still is […]

  • A digital echo of a missing friend

    I have paused my work to record a moment of my social media day. It’s one of those moments where technology, data (or the lack of it) and commercial imperatives combine to create an unintended jarring moment. Over a desk picnic, I was endorsing friends and colleagues on LinkedIn. I am happy to do this and […]

  • Face to face and anonymous – Sli.do and sliding

    On Thursday I was lucky to be invited to speak at the Chief Digital Office Forum.  Many interesting stories were told from a genuinely broad range of organisations grappling with digital transformation.Whilst, as expected, the orbit was set around best practice we passed many tales of errors, bloopers and the unexpected. It was really refreshing in […]

  • Chief Digital Learning Officer. Is that a thing yet?

    Another dose of shameless self-promotion here. I do think there is a purpose though, so bear with me… In a few weeks I am presenting at the CDO Forum on the topic of “Developing a Digital Learning Service for the New Workplace”. As you can see from the agenda, this is not an eLearning or L&D event. […]

  • Defining digital or what it isn’t. Not easy…

    First an admission. Around 18 months ago I was tasked by my boss to offer a smart and easy answer to the question “what do we mean by digital”? The question was asked in the context of creating a digital learning service. I admit that I have, as yet, not completed this task. This is […]

  • Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

    During the course of the last few weeks, I have attended a few conferences and seminars, both as delegate and presenter. They have been interesting and thought provoking events. At each, I have been invited to share and consider best practice. To offer stories about how things have been done well and to consider stories […]