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  • This product must be installed by a competent person

    It is Sunday afternoon and I have just laid fragile claim to some masculine territory. It is a minor triumph by any standards and no triumph at all by many. However, as an office worker, who has been a keyboard warrior since work began, I will take my emotional sustenance as I can. My achievement […]

  • A learning bubble?

    A quick thought… A few weeks ago, I posted about the head office bubble. A place where central office functionaries talk to each other about people in their organisation without talking to them. Returning form holiday and catching up with a few folks, I think there is an L&D bubble. This is a place where L&D […]

  • Whose training record is it anyway?

    Some time ago, a friend and colleague suggested this topic. I agreed and then time overtook me and I missed the moment. A conversation yesterday jogged my memory and the theme rose again. So, thank you Karen Moran, if you still have the patience to stick with me, for what was a good idea. The […]

  • The LMS market – bigger and better or just bigger?

    In a bid to keep pace with developments, I have been reading a few research reports and papers on various themes of the eLearning industry. The visit to Learning Technologies is still running through my mind as I continue an attempt to complete my mental sketch of the status of the market. It is clear […]

  • My little learning journey – or how to microlearn?

    Here is a short story describing a learning journey I have just completed. (Qualifying statement: I am uncertain about the definition of a learning journey and the veracity of many claims made on the topic. This was a three web site exploration, from one to the next. If that is learning journey (perhaps a jaunt), then […]

  • Is eLearning as easy as everything else now?

    Ease of use ought to be a hygiene factor. No producer should be permitted to provide unless they have met this basic standard. Without getting the basics right permission to do the sophisticated stuff should not be granted. “Have you washed your hands?” is an almost ubiquitous command because it is always sound, relevant advice. […]

  • Strange stories need new formats

    Despite its’ relative youth (wiser readers than I will let me know the true age), eLearning has a traditional content format: the online course. There are many routes to the creation of a course but the final destination is pretty predictable: a pop-up window filled with linear content and often some rich video of some kind […]

  • Use tools to learn? Yes. But eLearning tools…? 

    I suspect that the question “What is your favourite eLearning tool?” would flummox most folk. Probably asking “What is an eLearning tool?” would furrow many brows. I imagine it would even confuse many of us within the learning industry (however we may define that). Every profession and industry tends to create its own language and labelling […]