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  • The device is not the user – the user is

    Flicking through some conference notes this morning I noticed a quote from an event I attended last year. My notes are poor so I cannot attribute the quote. It was the 2016 version of this event. If you are responsible for it, or you know who may be, do let me know and I will […]

  • Too much data

    What do you think of this? The company’s smart badge is equipped with a microphone to monitor the frequency of employee conversations and how long people spend talking versus listening. Actually. What does it make you feel? It made me feel somewhat conflicted. As a fan of data (big or otherwise)  I can see the […]

  • Whose training record is it anyway?

    Some time ago, a friend and colleague suggested this topic. I agreed and then time overtook me and I missed the moment. A conversation yesterday jogged my memory and the theme rose again. So, thank you Karen Moran, if you still have the patience to stick with me, for what was a good idea. The […]

  • Unbundling records and tin cans and such

    Prompted by an email form Karen Moran, I had a return to the idea of the LMS as the only place where learning records are held. That message also sparked a thought about the unbundling theme I posted about recently. The idea that all learning activity is stored in a learning management system seems increasingly […]

  • Beware the one stop shop…

    Be wary of buying from the one stop shop. In fact, I would suggest that you don’t. Perhaps best not to purchase at all, if you are in any doubt. Last week, I was speaking with a systems vendor who was, politely, pitching their product to me. The beauty of it (apparently) is that a newly […]

  • Big data? Little data is tricky too.

    Big data is a hardy perennial of scary topics. We gaze in wonder at sophisticated organisations who have mastered the beast and stride off into the future as we peer at the mountains of our own data – or what we think are mountains of data. Over many years and many data sets I have […]