Category: Digital Learning

  • Who am I? Where am I? – Is social media confusing?

    I have been away from the blog for a while and feel I need to earn my seat with some existential offerings. Everything is changing. Everything. It makes me wonder. (And continued thanks to Julian Stodd for provoking these thoughts).  So… Not so long ago, well not too long ago, my digital identity resided in a […]

  • (Fail?) Fast and learn at any pace

    My team and I are on the cusp of a significant new product release. Well…we are approaching a cusp and considering how to navigate it. (Looking at the definition of the word, I think we have to decide on our metaphor first). There is some considerable focus on how to handle the first release of this new […]

  • Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

    During the course of the last few weeks, I have attended a few conferences and seminars, both as delegate and presenter. They have been interesting and thought provoking events. At each, I have been invited to share and consider best practice. To offer stories about how things have been done well and to consider stories […]

  • (Relevant) content is king

    Many years ago now I joined a conference panel discussing the impact of search on news and publishing businesses. I was representing Ask Jeeves (you may need a certain maturity to recall this). At this time, power of search rankings had many incumbent businesses rattled. Google was really beginning to flex its muscles. There was […]

  • Who does digital?

    Who does digital? I mean, who actually works on it and makes it happen? This is a really simple question and a pressing one. Easy to ask. Hard to answer. Even harder to get it right, I suspect. (It is a close relative of the other pressing and less asked question: “What do we mean […]

  • Passing the first post: Making it up as we go along

    The urge to justify myself is upon me. Given the ease of expressing oneself this contribution needs some deliberate placing. So…this first post is an attempt to claim that position. A clearing of the blogging throat. This blog will be about work essentially and about the work of applying technology to learning. I can’t really […]