Embracing ambiguity – reflecting on Learning Technologies

It has been a busy week and an airport pause has finally offered a moment to reflect on my day at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum. My word for the day (and for the Learning Live Network event the day before) is ambiguity. And futhermore, beware those who are offering certainty for they know not… Continue reading Embracing ambiguity – reflecting on Learning Technologies

Sticky is (still) a good thing

The phrase “sticky website” feels like something of a throwback to me. I remember first hearing the phrase and debating it as a product objective when I worked in the search industry. At the time Ask JeevesĀ (yes, I am that old) was popular and well used but not habitually used. Search was and still is… Continue reading Sticky is (still) a good thing

Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

During the course of the last few weeks, I have attended a few conferences and seminars, both as delegate and presenter. They have been interesting and thought provoking events. At each, I have been invited to share and consider best practice. To offer stories about how things have been done well and to consider stories… Continue reading Practice but not (I suspect) perfect