Category: User Experience

  • The old school (digital) hub

    “Digital Hub”. The name struck me on a recent webinar. Again. Reference in the chat was made to webinar resources available on “our Digital Hub”. A real name, in upper case. I’m not sure that metaphors make good product names. I have made and helped make a number of digital hubs in my time. I […]

  • In praise of digital rabbit holes

    Since the first week of January, I have been wandering, falling and jumping head first into electric guitar rabbit holes. It started with the gift of a self-assembly stratocaster guitar kit. That took me into a “how the hell do I do this without making a clumsy mess of it” rabbit hole. From that first […]

  • How are you?

    “Hey. How are you Ava?“ For me, this is a reflex.  It’s how I start pretty much any conversation. So, at the start of Zoom calls, as the colleagues pop in to view, the question pops out of my mouth. Back in the good old days, it was a conversational lob. To be lightly batted […]

  • Fear and anxiety or personal growth- which is most motivating for COVID times?

    I have been spending a little time amongst content and resources addressing leadership, management and personal development recently. These are not my forte as a specialism but I do have some experience as a manager and as a person. Understandably, there is a lot of material being created and gathered around themes of working in […]

  • Meetings as a secondary medium to survive living at work

    Is it OK to make lunch at a work meeting? Maybe some meetings can be more like radio to ease the burden.

  • Is digital L&D struggling to develop useful standards?

    Standards are crucial for digital success…is L&D missing the point and focusing on systems?

  • Popularity does not always win: pondering signals of relevance

    A quick post-omelette thought… Over lunch today, I spent some time swirling around a YouTube time sink. Having watched a video about the Black Lives Matter protests, I noticed that my YouTube guardians recommended a Featured playlist on my home page. This included some, what seemed to be popular, vidoes on the theme of “Understanding […]

  • Corona Therapy #3: “Weird but less intense”

    Some notes from an open drop in session of Corona Therapy.

  • Corona Therapy Session #2

    This is a brief summary of our second gathering for Corona Therapy. The format was similar to last week: an open session, passing around the group to share how we are feeling, coping, struggling and crucially, what is working (or working for now, at least). The themes are from my recollection and scratchy notes – […]

  • An hour of Corona Therapy

    A brief summary of an open Zoom hangout talking about our experiences of the last couple of weeks. Corona Therapy Hour.