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  • Automated content creation – coming to your learning projects (maybe soon)

    Automated content creation – coming to your learning projects (maybe soon)

    Over the last year or so, I have been looking at technology and other trends that are likely to have an impact on learning, through a few research projects for clients. This endeavour was given some wings for a couple of reasons. Firstly, not starting from the perspective of Learning Technologies (i.e. those created to […]

  • Is L&D really changing or just innovating the ordinary?

    This is a revisited post. Or, reused for a fresh context. I first wrote this as preparatory thinking exercise in advance of the Learning Technologies exhibition in 2020. I bumped into it again as part of a curated learning experience. (This, I think, is a compliment). As we conjure with covid, I think it has […]

  • The old school (digital) hub

    “Digital Hub”. The name struck me on a recent webinar. Again. Reference in the chat was made to webinar resources available on “our Digital Hub”. A real name, in upper case. I’m not sure that metaphors make good product names. I have made and helped make a number of digital hubs in my time. I […]

  • Writing is the primary design skill, we should celebrate it more.

    I wonder whether we think about writing enough when we think about design. I am not a dedicated student of design, but I am not aware of a great deal of commentary and guidance on the topic for those who are. (Corrective advice is very welcome regarding this assumption).  Design conversations and efforts have a […]