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  • Change what we do or improve what we are doing? The L&D conundrum as I see it.

    Is the industry looking to change and improve current practice or should we look for existential change?

  • A Netflix of learning may be a good idea after all…

    The notion of a Netflix for learning has been floating about for a few years now. I have heard it both enthusiastically proposed and equally vigorously critiqued. The idea is attractive and beguiling to those who own and manage large quantities of learning content (whatever that is). Imagine an elegant and intuitive interface for your […]

  • A lesson from a sojourn with a digital team

    A brief reminder of something was brought home twice today. I am working with a digital business unit within a large and well established organisation. We are working on the creation and initiation of a stratgy for digital learning – for digital people and in a contemporary and sustainable manner. In a couple of meetings/interviews […]

  • Is convenience a problem for digital learning?

    Does making everything easy actually do unintended harm? Convenience is, arguably, the most important element of a successful digital experience. Our favourite digital services are built around making our lives easier and removing the effort of performing freqeunt tasks. In many cases, activities which used to require effort and a certain degree of planning are […]

  • Experience design – from user to learner or from learner to user?

    The market for learning experience design is warming quite quickly. Actually, I think it is heating. Managers of modern learning organisations have realised that instructional design is no longer enough (if it ever was?) and experience design is what is required. Managers of traditional learning organisations appear to be livening to the prospect as well. […]

  • Innovation isn’t just for fun

    I have reached a point where I do most of my learning about ideas in the form of podcast listening. The HBR Ideacast is a good source of ideas. It can also be a great source of self-satisfied acadmeic rambling, so handle with care but do give it a try. The episode on innovation culture, […]

  • Small beginnings (and quickly) – overcoming digital anxiety

    The notion that ‘digital is about people not technology’ is a theme that has echoed around the debates of 2018. This is to be applauded – purveyors of snake oil and other miracle cures tend to miss this item so it is gratifying to hear it so consistently. (As one client said yesterday, “the large […]

  • Systems, ecosystems and control (anything but the one stop shop)

    The ecosystem theme seems to be echoing around me at the moment. I realise that this is not a new theme but it has given me pause to think as it orbits. Some interesting remarks from contacts on LinkedIn in a recent discussion further added to the musings. What follows are some top of mind […]

  • Is the quest for engagement a red herring?

    With due apologies for a possible click bait title, I worry that the quest for engaging content is becoming a problem. It may have been a problem for some time and I am slow on the uptake. That has happened before. There is a risk here that opposing the creation of engaging experiences is, inevitably, […]

  • Don’t leave digital transformation to IT (or learning technology teams)

    In a few weeks time, I will be hosting a panel session at Learning Live on the theme of digital transformation. It is, in various guises, a major theme of the event and a significant preoccupation of the LPI membership. Fortunately, I have a wise and esteemed panel to rely on for answers to “What […]