Category: User Experience

  • UI is not UX

    A quick note to reflect on user experience – that most illusive of goals. A good user experience, that is. Bad ones are falling from the skies. When I was on the buyer side of the technology divide, a customer of the technology vendors, I was often told that the user experience of a given system […]

  • Beware the one stop shop…

    Be wary of buying from the one stop shop. In fact, I would suggest that you don’t. Perhaps best not to purchase at all, if you are in any doubt. Last week, I was speaking with a systems vendor who was, politely, pitching their product to me. The beauty of it (apparently) is that a newly […]

  • Who am I? Where am I? – Is social media confusing?

    I have been away from the blog for a while and feel I need to earn my seat with some existential offerings. Everything is changing. Everything. It makes me wonder. (And continued thanks to Julian Stodd for provoking these thoughts).  So… Not so long ago, well not too long ago, my digital identity resided in a […]

  • Predictability needs to be cool

    I don’t think I have met anyone who wants to be predictable. All of us nurse hopes that we are special, different or, at least, noteworthy. Some of us are convinced that we are unique and our daring originality should be constantly celebrated. None of us, though, want to be ordinary. Neither do we want […]

  • Technology and storytelling – not the same old story?

    Engagement is one of those often used words in the learning technology world. Overused I believe. Often when we talk about engagement we would be better served by ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’. Both are easier to understand and more achievable. When it comes to telling stories though, some form of engagement and emotional response is closer […]