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  • “Don’t impose joy, deliver service”

    “Don’t impose joy, deliver service”

    Not my words, but those of Jacob Nielsen. One of the interesting features of Nielsen’s work is that he has consistently irritated designers over the last twenty years or so, and been entirely right to do so. I first came across him when working on the early days of BBC Online, around the turn of […]

  • Sticky is (still) a good thing

    The phrase “sticky website” feels like something of a throwback to me. I remember first hearing the phrase and debating it as a product objective when I worked in the search industry. At the time Ask Jeeves (yes, I am that old) was popular and well used but not habitually used. Search was and still is […]

  • The whole UX and nothing but the UX

    Some recent workshop sessions and user (learner?) research with a client have made me wonder about a possible wrinkle on the smooth baize of UX thinking in the corporate world. In the wild public world of product design and delivery, we are free to design our best solution to user challenges and make it available. […]

  • Learning on the web – Can it be as simple as that?

    I was reminded of one of my early exchanges of views on arrival in the BBC this week. I was curious about the deliberation of the commissioning process and about the edifice that was being created under the learning banner. Coming, as I had, from the rapid fire and restless world of search, this all […]

  • Can stakeholders do UX?

    In short…no. Or, not easily. Or…not very well. A stakeholder is not a user. To satisfy a user need you need to focus on the user. By definition, a stakeholder is not a user. They might be able to help but they cannot offer the insight vital to UX success. In the corporate learning world, […]

  • UI is not UX

    A quick note to reflect on user experience – that most illusive of goals. A good user experience, that is. Bad ones are falling from the skies. When I was on the buyer side of the technology divide, a customer of the technology vendors, I was often told that the user experience of a given system […]

  • Making a museum of your content – my problem with curation (and a possible solution)

    For various reasons, I have spent a fair amount of time in the British Museum in the last couple of weeks. It is a remarkable and popular place to spend time. Thousands of people come here to wander and wonder at the exhibits every day. For curators, this must be close to the top of […]