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  • Ecosystems: the new black but much more than a buzzword.

    Note: I am adding some quick thoughts here on learning ecosystems before my memory loses them. I will return to some of these ideas for fiurther posts. Perhaps the most important factor in the idea of “the learning ecosystem” is that you can’t buy one. (Equally, you can’t be sold one). This might just save […]

  • Learning is not being disrupted (it’s the reverse of that)

    (So, it turns out that this is a little ranty, perhaps. This post may overstate some points as I rehearse them. Apologies if that’s a problem but I find that it is a useful way to figure things out). One of our great problems in the L&D world is that we often care more about […]

  • A bag of thoughts about Digital Transformation of learning

    My thoughts are turning to Learning Live next week . (I am not alone). They are particularly gathering around one of the sessions I am chairing Digital Transformation: How to Make it Work for you. I was talking earlier in the week with another attendee and gathered some notes on a Google Doc on that […]

  • Embracing ambiguity – reflecting on Learning Technologies

    It has been a busy week and an airport pause has finally offered a moment to reflect on my day at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum. My word for the day (and for the Learning Live Network event the day before) is ambiguity. And futhermore, beware those who are offering certainty for they know not […]

  • Organisations need a new maturity – the old one is tired

    According to Wikipedia, the following is true of maturity (and who would ever argue with Wikipedia?) : maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner The problem with all this digital and structural change is that the maturity we once prized as a source of confidence and judgement does not […]

  • The digital substitution fallacy

    I find myself surprised by the frequency of response of a certain kind to the communication of digital change from leaning professionals. It tends to run something like this: “I don’t have any problem with digital learning but…you just can’t do everything with technology. It can’t replace everything.” I heard this sentiment again in the […]