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  • Learning on the web – Can it be as simple as that?

    I was reminded of one of my early exchanges of views on arrival in the BBC this week. I was curious about the deliberation of the commissioning process and about the edifice that was being created under the learning banner. Coming, as I had, from the rapid fire and restless world of search, this all […]

  • The LMS market – bigger and better or just bigger?

    In a bid to keep pace with developments, I have been reading a few research reports and papers on various themes of the eLearning industry. The visit to Learning Technologies is still running through my mind as I continue an attempt to complete my mental sketch of the status of the market. It is clear […]

  • The Bunker (Another brief thought from Learning Technologies 2016)

    Last week, I posted about Slack and the possibilities it offers for learning to be brought into the flow of work via one of the most useful tools of work. To be clear, this was not about Slack as learning system but as a work tool that, naturally, supports the ways we learn as we […]

  • What no Slack? A (brief) thought from Learning Technologies 2016

    As many thousands of us are, I am pondering what I made of Learning Technologies 2016. Aside from the fact that it was great to meet some excellent people and have some great conversations, I was struck by two things: size and familiarity. The exhibition was bigger yet again than the previous year. The stands seemed […]

  • Learning, training, control and choice.

    [Warning, this post is something of a stream]. “Control is to training as choice is to learning”. This is a fair summary of how I saw the world of L&D on first entry about five or six years ago. Granted, this is an enormously simplified characterisation and I have variously agreed and disagreed with it over those […]

  • Passing the first post: Making it up as we go along

    The urge to justify myself is upon me. Given the ease of expressing oneself this contribution needs some deliberate placing. So…this first post is an attempt to claim that position. A clearing of the blogging throat. This blog will be about work essentially and about the work of applying technology to learning. I can’t really […]