Pragmatism and data – the way forward

Roy and I held this event on the basis that best practice is all well and good, but it is rare. Very rare. Further, best practice is helpful for inspiration and guidance, yet we learn the most from the hard times – those projects and initiatives where the wheels wobble and sometimes come off altogether.… Continue reading Pragmatism and data – the way forward

The robot writers are here

“Although AI tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, they can’t replace human writers entirely.” That last word jarred me from my coffee and news peering this morning. Human writers will not be completely replaced by machines. Nice. What will be left for us, then? Crumbs of proofing and pre-publishing edits, or the nutrition of ideas and… Continue reading The robot writers are here

Does learning analytics feel good?

This autumn has been a season of data analytics work. I realise that we are not all fans of data analysis, but I have found this to be cause for some modest celebration. It is a largely absent topic of work in learning – rarely something we chose to do whilst recognising that we should.… Continue reading Does learning analytics feel good?

Nuking hotdogs in the Pentagon – a story of incomplete data.

Ground Zero Cafe: the most dangerous eatery in the world? I like this story, even if the truth is opaque. It illuminates something about how easy it is to accept the face value interpretation of observations.  In the central courtyard of the Pentagon there was a hotdog stand. It was a very popular eating spot.… Continue reading Nuking hotdogs in the Pentagon – a story of incomplete data.