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  • What are “Learning Technologies” for?

    What are “Learning Technologies” for?

    Learning Technologies are misnamed and really for instruction rather than learning.

  • Pushing or pulling? (or share of compliance)

    Pushing or pulling? (or share of compliance)

    Much of my time has been spent in recent months considering useful metrics for learning products and services. What are the handful of measures that tell us how our team/business/department is doing and help us decide what to do next? A fair share of the debate about metrics in L&D focuses on learning metrics and […]

  • Do LMS users have to lose out in the technology tender process?

    To cut to the chase, I believe they do. At least, they are highly likely to. I hope they don’t have to though. This is bothersome to me. It is also a major obstacle to progress in the learning technology world where traditional technology vendors seem to have the structural upper hand in the tendering […]

  • Systems, ecosystems and control (anything but the one stop shop)

    The ecosystem theme seems to be echoing around me at the moment. I realise that this is not a new theme but it has given me pause to think as it orbits. Some interesting remarks from contacts on LinkedIn in a recent discussion further added to the musings. What follows are some top of mind […]

  • Stakeholder fixation syndrome: the elephant in the digital room

    From my unscientific sampling, the realisation that ‘digital change’ is about people seems to have dawned quite widely now. From the proceedings of Learning Live to blog posts and contributions on LinkedIn and Twitter the ‘digital is about people and culture’ theme is gaining momentum. This is a good thing and will, hopefully, dissuade folk […]

  • Don’t leave digital transformation to IT (or learning technology teams)

    In a few weeks time, I will be hosting a panel session at Learning Live on the theme of digital transformation. It is, in various guises, a major theme of the event and a significant preoccupation of the LPI membership. Fortunately, I have a wise and esteemed panel to rely on for answers to “What […]

  • Learning should not be about learners really – they are too hard to find

    These musing follow those shared shortly after the Learning Technologies conference and some of the comments received, which have nudged my thinking along. This post will wander around the theme of learning technologies and their contents being separated from the activity of work. (It is possible that this post will strike a grumpy demeanour. I […]

  • Stakeholders beat out users in LMS implementation (of course they do)

    I have been nursing this thought for some time now. I managed to spend a little time trying to add some structure to it and see if that helps me think it through more constructively. I belive it did. Now, in Web 2.0 style (yes I am a traditionalist), I thought I would share it […]

  • An LMS for the open web? Not for me, thanks

    Yes. This is another post about the LMS. A perennial feature of any learning commentators blog. I return to theme this week following a call with Don Taylor about leading a session at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum on designing good user experiences for digital learning. Something practical about good and bad practice is required. […]

  • We are still in Kansas after all

    Every L&D conference I have attended focuses on change. Mostly, radical change is prescribed.  New tools. New techniques. New technologies. New methods. All the old certainties are bunkum we are told. Adapt or die. Change is the only constant. Etc. Etc. Very often, we foot soldiers are energised and inspired by these events. New ideas […]