Category: Digital Learning

  • In praise of digital rabbit holes

    Since the first week of January, I have been wandering, falling and jumping head first into electric guitar rabbit holes. It started with the gift of a self-assembly stratocaster guitar kit. That took me into a “how the hell do I do this without making a clumsy mess of it” rabbit hole. From that first […]

  • How are you?

    “Hey. How are you Ava?“ For me, this is a reflex.  It’s how I start pretty much any conversation. So, at the start of Zoom calls, as the colleagues pop in to view, the question pops out of my mouth. Back in the good old days, it was a conversational lob. To be lightly batted […]

  • Building confidence from YouTube instructors

    Lucky as I am, my son gave me the excellent Christmas present of an electric guitar building kit. He seems to be developing into a very thoughtful gift giver: this is an interest of mine as a cruddy amateur player; an education on the what and how of the workings of the instrument and it’s […]

  • Time to move on from digital mindset?

    Whilst putting the world to rights with David James last week (a recommended pastime), I reflected on the notion that developing ‘a digital mindset’ has been some of the most valuable work I do. Understanding the value of a digital mindset and encouraging its development has been a perennial need for all of my clients […]

  • Time to move beyond digital learning 1.0 and the virtual classroom?

    Ben Thompson is smarter than I. This is made clear to me with almost every post he writes. The good thing is that the ideas he shares tend to jump my thinking forwards. In this piece, about the development of Social Media 2.0, a chord struck in my head about why L&D is stuck in […]

  • Fear and anxiety or personal growth- which is most motivating for COVID times?

    I have been spending a little time amongst content and resources addressing leadership, management and personal development recently. These are not my forte as a specialism but I do have some experience as a manager and as a person. Understandably, there is a lot of material being created and gathered around themes of working in […]

  • Is digital L&D struggling to develop useful standards?

    Standards are crucial for digital success…is L&D missing the point and focusing on systems?

  • Is this the end of classroom training?

    I was asked this question by a participant in an LPI Open Clinic session last week. (It’s a great format if anyone is thinking of hosting or participating: a themed session, open questions with one host and one lead speaker and a very lively and open chat room).  So, to the question: Is this the […]

  • Anything but normal

    I don’t think ‘the new normal’ is a helpful turn of phrase. An important feature of normality is that we know what to do when confronted with it. We do normal things. We do them with a casual confidence that we know what is going to happen as a result. I may be alone in […]

  • Just in Case or Just in Time?

    I am trying to avoid speculation about “what happens next?” and “how we adjust to the new normal”. There is too little information about what has happened and even less about any future directions we might see. We knew precious little about actual behaviour in L&D before Covid – the foundations for conjecture remain pretty […]