Category: Digital Learning

  • Wondering about 2022

    Resolutions and predictions are seasonal activities I typically avoid. This year, what with everything, I find myself peering into the coming year a little harder. I find myself hopeful for improvement, anxious about more of the same, and fearful of worse. I sense so much desire for normality and to have things back as they […]

  • Boom times for elearning

    I was struck by this extensive summary of market data about the growth of learning technologies. Pretty much every indicator is showing significant growth across education and corporate learning segments. Close to two years in on our COVID experience, this is not much of a surprise, I suppose. It has taken the forced closure of […]

  • Data analytics for learning – beyond learning data

    On Wednesday 24th November at 11.00 am (UK) we’re hosting the latest in a series of open invitation conversations around themes of product management for learning and digital learning services. This time we are exploring data analytics. So often the Cinderella of learning, is it time for data analysis to join the party properly and […]

  • Netflix of learning…again

    This is a thought I have been chewing on for a couple of months and am sharing here as a way of working it out a little more. So, fair warning, this is an incomplete idea. Please chip in with your own ideas – I realise I need the help.  A constant theme of conversation […]

  • Stakeholders need transforming as much as digital does

    I discovered this partly drafted post whilst looking for something today. It was started in late 2017. At that time digital transformation was the priority for organisations and was a source of great anxiety in the learning world (this does have a familiar ring to it). What with the pandemic and all, I think the […]

  • The old school (digital) hub

    “Digital Hub”. The name struck me on a recent webinar. Again. Reference in the chat was made to webinar resources available on “our Digital Hub”. A real name, in upper case. I’m not sure that metaphors make good product names. I have made and helped make a number of digital hubs in my time. I […]

  • That product management conversation

    When we decided to host a conversation about product management in learning, we were unsure whether people would join us and if we would have much to say to each other. So, it was gratifying to be joined by a smart, curious, experienced and voluble group last week. It was a busy chat and my […]

  • Creating an internal corporate product – a little more personal history

    I am finding this product management theme to be a rich seam for thinking and organising ideas around my work. Having shared some personal history, this is a little more self-indulgence in that respect. It is a different example however, prompted again by recent conversation. It’s not strictly about learning and development but in a […]

  • What does a good product manager for learning do?

    Before we start, a quick note on nomenclature, if I may. Product manager for learning and products for learning rather than learning products is a minor but useful clarification in the way we talk about this subject. Linguistic pedantry can be exhausting I realise, but I think we need to avoid the notion that we […]

  • Some things learned in five years of freelancing

    A habit formed over the last year of describing my freelance career as being four years old. In conversation last week, a correction was needed, it is now five years old. I am five years older. Blimey. This anniversary is a traditional moment of self-indulgence and reflection. In the spirit of that tradition I offer […]