Author: mylesrun

  • Wondering about 2022

    Resolutions and predictions are seasonal activities I typically avoid. This year, what with everything, I find myself peering into the coming year a little harder. I find myself hopeful for improvement, anxious about more of the same, and fearful of worse. I sense so much desire for normality and to have things back as they […]

  • Boom times for elearning

    I was struck by this extensive summary of market data about the growth of learning technologies. Pretty much every indicator is showing significant growth across education and corporate learning segments. Close to two years in on our COVID experience, this is not much of a surprise, I suppose. It has taken the forced closure of […]

  • The new TikTok for learning is, erm, TikTok…

    Yes. That is quite a click baity title. To avoid thrashing around in sound bites and misunderstandings, I will open by stating what this post is not about: The next big thing for learning. TikTok is the current big thing for almost anything you can think of and is well used for many learning applications […]

  • That data analytics conversation

    I confess to being a little anxious about organising this event (“Data analytics for learning – beyond learning data”), but thanks to an active, inquisitive and talkative group, I think it was a rewarding hour. My anxiety was rooted in not wanting to have a conversation about learning analytics, with a largely L&D audience, and […]

  • Data analytics for learning: Slide deck

    This is the slide deck used in the “Data Analytics for learning – beyond learning data” event on 24/11/2021. It is made available here as a reference resource for those interested in the topic and working on similar themes.

  • 10L: Leonard Houx

    About Leonard Leonard has been working in digital learning for over 12 years. He has written about digital learning for the Guardian, FT, E-Learning Age, Association for Learning Technology and Times Higher Education. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a silver medal winner for Best Distance Learning for his work […]

  • 10L: Cathy Hoy

    About Cathy Cathy is the CLO at the Learning and Performance Institute.  Her background is in learning and development, with over 20 years working in, and heading up, corporate learning teams. Cathy has led the global learning strategy for numerous organisations across different industries and now oversees all the Learning products and services for the […]

  • Data analytics for learning – beyond learning data

    On Wednesday 24th November at 11.00 am (UK) we’re hosting the latest in a series of open invitation conversations around themes of product management for learning and digital learning services. This time we are exploring data analytics. So often the Cinderella of learning, is it time for data analysis to join the party properly and […]

  • Learning in a metaverse

    I will open by declaring two positions. Firstly, I believe that the metaverse idea is very interesting. I am uncertain how it might unfold, of course, but there is value in many of the ideas that we are yet to really see. Secondly, I am deeply annoyed by Zuckerberg hijacking the idea to satisfy the […]

  • 10L: Carl Crisostomo

    About Carl: “A few years ago, I had a “lightbulb” moment. I saw first-hand the impact that learning had on someone’s life. This sparked my curiosity in the science of learning and helped me re-evaluate my career. I started Carl Learns to help L&D teams, Instructional Designers and online course creators be more effective by […]