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  • Is L&D really changing or just innovating the ordinary?

    This is a revisited post. Or, reused for a fresh context. I first wrote this as preparatory thinking exercise in advance of the Learning Technologies exhibition in 2020. I bumped into it again as part of a curated learning experience. (This, I think, is a compliment). As we conjure with covid, I think it has […]

  • Does learning analytics feel good?

    This autumn has been a season of data analytics work. I realise that we are not all fans of data analysis, but I have found this to be cause for some modest celebration. It is a largely absent topic of work in learning – rarely something we chose to do whilst recognising that we should. […]

  • Netflix of learning…again

    This is a thought I have been chewing on for a couple of months and am sharing here as a way of working it out a little more. So, fair warning, this is an incomplete idea. Please chip in with your own ideas – I realise I need the help.  A constant theme of conversation […]

  • 10L: Nick Shackleton Jones

    About Nick: Revolutionary. Responsible for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift, the affective context model of learning, and introducing the 5Di approach to user-centered learning design. A track record of shaping future learning approaches for numerous public and private organisations. Winner of several awards for people development strategy, innovation, and learning content, including the Learning […]

  • Design needs to work and sometimes boring is OK

    That is not an entirely representative title of a post to summarise our conversation this week. Although some attendees may claim that we took this advice too seriously and caused a quieter conversation. (If you were there, do tell). We were gathered to discuss “Learning, design and Products”, the call for boring was a thread […]

  • 10L: Sophie Costin

    About Sophie Sophie has a proven track record of designing solutions that deliver real impact through behaviour change. Over the last 10 years she’s worked with some of the world’s largest companies, to help them define their learning needs and create interventions that help overcome them. With a background in learning consultancy and design, over the […]

  • Learning, design and product: a conversation

    On the 22nd of September, at 11.00 am, we are hosting a conversation about applying design to the development and management of products for learning. In this series of conversations, we have discussed product management and the crucial capabilities for a learning team. Design has been a thread throughout, hence the choice of topic for […]

  • (Learning) Live, direct and in the room

    This post is a quick bag of thoughts from my Learning Live experience over the last couple of days. These pull a little harder on the thread I posted about earlier in the week. There are many thoughts brewing and merging, which I will share in the next edition of the 10L newsletter, sign up […]

  • We’re all digital now, yes?

    So, one is visiting Learning Live over the coming two days. What is always an energising and interesting event will be layered with additional anticipation as we proceed through our COVID world. Being in the same space with that many people will be interesting in itself. I think we are all hoping for more than […]

  • 10L: Donald Clark

    About Donald: Donald is a serial entrepreneur, Professor, Investor, CEO, Author, Speaker, podcaster and Blogger. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to an elderly relative. Help people and organisations learn better. In the end they’re all run by people and most of those people need to learn to do things better. My […]