Pushing or pulling? (or share of compliance)

Much of my time has been spent in recent months considering useful metrics for learning products and services. What are the handful of measures that tell us how our team/business/department is doing and help us decide what to do next? A fair share of the debate about metrics in L&D focuses on learning metrics and… Continue reading Pushing or pulling? (or share of compliance)

Changing what already works (is a good idea)

Doing familiar things differently is deeply challenging. When those activities are highly successful, or seem to be, even the idea of taking on that challenge seems foolish. Yet, this is what successful teams and organisations do. They challenge themselves through a curiosity as to what will work better. Apple is a good example (I type… Continue reading Changing what already works (is a good idea)

Pragmatism and data – the way forward

Roy and I held this event on the basis that best practice is all well and good, but it is rare. Very rare. Further, best practice is helpful for inspiration and guidance, yet we learn the most from the hard times – those projects and initiatives where the wheels wobble and sometimes come off altogether.… Continue reading Pragmatism and data – the way forward

10L: Nathan Nalla

About Nathan Hi, I’m Nathan Nalla, founder and director of Be The Riot, supporting organisations to create inclusive workplace culture. I was born and raised in Birmingham by a wonderful Jamaican mother. I’m now living and working in London. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to an elderly relative.  I help organisations… Continue reading 10L: Nathan Nalla

Managing products for learning: stories from the coalface

On Thursday 10th March at 11am (UK) we are hosting a conversation about the messy and complicated reality of managing products for learning. In the recognition that genuine Best Practice is hard to come by, we will be sharing lessons learned from the challenges and barriers confronted in the real world of the work place.… Continue reading Managing products for learning: stories from the coalface

Get the basics right first

This article about the US free COVID test website not falling over stirred memories of my time as a product owner of an LMS. It tells of a simple need shared by a large proportion of potential users. It tells of very low expectations amongst that population. History has told them it is highly likely… Continue reading Get the basics right first

A theory about learning technology

Here is a theory about how technologies for learning are handled in organisations. Organisations buy Technology Systems Learning teams need products to help people learn Users want tools to help them at work Admittedly, this theory needs some evidential rigour to test it and refine it. It is based on generalisations from my own experience… Continue reading A theory about learning technology

The robot writers are here

“Although AI tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, they can’t replace human writers entirely.” That last word jarred me from my coffee and news peering this morning. Human writers will not be completely replaced by machines. Nice. What will be left for us, then? Crumbs of proofing and pre-publishing edits, or the nutrition of ideas and… Continue reading The robot writers are here