Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

During the course of the last few weeks, I have attended a few conferences and seminars, both as delegate and presenter. They have been interesting and thought provoking events. At each, I have been invited to share and consider best practice. To offer stories about how things have been done well and to consider stories… Continue reading Practice but not (I suspect) perfect

Predictability needs to be cool

I don’t think I have met anyone who wants to be predictable. All of us nurse hopes that we are special, different or, at least, noteworthy. Some of us are convinced that we are unique and our daring originality should be constantly celebrated. None of us, though, want to be ordinary. Neither do we want… Continue reading Predictability needs to be cool

Passing the first post: Making it up as we go along

The urge to justify myself is upon me. Given the ease of expressing oneself this contribution needs some deliberate placing. So…this first post is an attempt to claim that position. A clearing of the blogging throat. This blog will be about work essentially and about the work of applying technology to learning. I can’t really… Continue reading Passing the first post: Making it up as we go along

What’s in a name? (Ending the struggle with the ‘C’ word).

I think I am reaching peace with use of the ‘C’ word. On first entry to the broad landscape of Learning and Development, I baulked and bucked against the predominance of Courses. Regardless of need or moment, a course (or its grand partner, a Programme) appeared to be the single tool to crack all nuts.… Continue reading What’s in a name? (Ending the struggle with the ‘C’ word).