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  • How do you office? Ways and ways of working.

    A couple of months in to this new career (freelance, portfolio, self-employed, whatever etc.) I am learning about myself in ways, I suppose, I could have predicted (as usual I didn’t though). To be a little more specific, I am learning about how I like, can and prefer to work. By that I mean the actual […]

  • Open or closed? If your content is not open it had better be valuable.

    Perhaps there is something of a hippy lurking inside…I seem to have a tendency to prefer openness. I don’t mean that open is always best or that everything should always be open. That decision, as usual, would depend on many factors and an inevitable act of faith somewhere along the line. I mean that my […]

  • Beware the one stop shop…

    Be wary of buying from the one stop shop. In fact, I would suggest that you don’t. Perhaps best not to purchase at all, if you are in any doubt. Last week, I was speaking with a systems vendor who was, politely, pitching their product to me. The beauty of it (apparently) is that a newly […]

  • Face to face and anonymous – and sliding

    On Thursday I was lucky to be invited to speak at the Chief Digital Office Forum.  Many interesting stories were told from a genuinely broad range of organisations grappling with digital transformation.Whilst, as expected, the orbit was set around best practice we passed many tales of errors, bloopers and the unexpected. It was really refreshing in […]

  • Big data? Little data is tricky too.

    Big data is a hardy perennial of scary topics. We gaze in wonder at sophisticated organisations who have mastered the beast and stride off into the future as we peer at the mountains of our own data – or what we think are mountains of data. Over many years and many data sets I have […]

  • Making a museum of your content – my problem with curation (and a possible solution)

    For various reasons, I have spent a fair amount of time in the British Museum in the last couple of weeks. It is a remarkable and popular place to spend time. Thousands of people come here to wander and wonder at the exhibits every day. For curators, this must be close to the top of […]

  • The first of the new days

    A brief update bulletin today. As of yesterday, I ceased an eight year period of employment with the BBC. The BBC Academy, of which I was Head of Digital, has moved to its new home in Birmingham and for a variety of reasons, I am not able to join my colleagues there. For the record […]

  • Chief Digital Learning Officer. Is that a thing yet?

    Another dose of shameless self-promotion here. I do think there is a purpose though, so bear with me… In a few weeks I am presenting at the CDO Forum on the topic of “Developing a Digital Learning Service for the New Workplace”. As you can see from the agenda, this is not an eLearning or L&D event. […]

  • The LMS market – bigger and better or just bigger?

    In a bid to keep pace with developments, I have been reading a few research reports and papers on various themes of the eLearning industry. The visit to Learning Technologies is still running through my mind as I continue an attempt to complete my mental sketch of the status of the market. It is clear […]

  • My little learning journey – or how to microlearn?

    Here is a short story describing a learning journey I have just completed. (Qualifying statement: I am uncertain about the definition of a learning journey and the veracity of many claims made on the topic. This was a three web site exploration, from one to the next. If that is learning journey (perhaps a jaunt), then […]