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  • Where is the value in learning products?

    Where is the value in learning products?

    Digital learning strategy needs product strategy to be sustainable Since arriving in the learning industry more than a decade ago, I have held a strong belief that product management is one of the keys to its future. (The curious, either of you, can read more of these ideas here). For much of this time, there […]

  • 10L: Robin Hoyle

    10L: Robin Hoyle

    About Robin Robin is Head of Learning Innovation with Huthwaite International and Chair of the World of Learning Conference. He writes books and articles and makes videos for (among others) Learning Now TV. So, what do you do dear?  Describe your work to a distant relative.  I help people at work to do things better. […]

  • Learning Technologies 22 – a not so hot take

    Learning Technologies 22 –  a not so hot take

    “It’s like the last two years never happened”. Anon: LT 22 attendee That is the most memorable quote from my conversations yesterday at the Learning Technologies 2022 Exhibition. (I was not at the conference but my, equally unscientific, polling suggests that it was a valuable two days). There are two ways to take that comment, […]

  • The four horsepeople of learning tech?

    The four horsepeople of learning tech?

    Who asks you to solve a problem defines the problem as much as the real challenge itself. This phenomenon dogs so many learning technology efforts. The framing of objectives and success by a combination of IT (and its ‘People Systems’ cousin), Finance, Procurement and PMO departments can squeeze the life out of what might be […]

  • Managing products for learning: stories from the coalface

    Managing products for learning: stories from the coalface

    On Thursday 10th March at 11am (UK) we are hosting a conversation about the messy and complicated reality of managing products for learning. In the recognition that genuine Best Practice is hard to come by, we will be sharing lessons learned from the challenges and barriers confronted in the real world of the work place. […]

  • Get the basics right first

    Get the basics right first

    This article about the US free COVID test website not falling over stirred memories of my time as a product owner of an LMS. It tells of a simple need shared by a large proportion of potential users. It tells of very low expectations amongst that population. History has told them it is highly likely […]

  • 10L – Laura Overton

    10L – Laura Overton

    About Laura Laura Overton is an author, facilitator and award-winning learning analyst dedicated to uncovering and sharing effective practices in learning innovation that lead to business value. She is known for leading a 15-year global research programme to uncover and share learning strategies that lead to business success. Laura established #LearningChangemakers and is a co-founder […]

  • Data analytics for learning – beyond learning data

    On Wednesday 24th November at 11.00 am (UK) we’re hosting the latest in a series of open invitation conversations around themes of product management for learning and digital learning services. This time we are exploring data analytics. So often the Cinderella of learning, is it time for data analysis to join the party properly and […]

  • Learning in a metaverse

    I will open by declaring two positions. Firstly, I believe that the metaverse idea is very interesting. I am uncertain how it might unfold, of course, but there is value in many of the ideas that we are yet to really see. Secondly, I am deeply annoyed by Zuckerberg hijacking the idea to satisfy the […]

  • 10L: Carl Crisostomo

    About Carl: “A few years ago, I had a “lightbulb” moment. I saw first-hand the impact that learning had on someone’s life. This sparked my curiosity in the science of learning and helped me re-evaluate my career. I started Carl Learns to help L&D teams, Instructional Designers and online course creators be more effective by […]